December Blog - 3rd Jewish Studies

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Third grade has been having so much fun in Jewish studies lately! For Chanukah, we did many activities, and most of them focused on the idea of “religious freedom” and what this means. We watched a video and read a book about religious freedom, and we identified all the ways in which the Greeks removed religious freedom from the Jews, and we talked about what religious freedoms we’re most grateful for today in America. We also took a look at the First Amendment of the constitution to remind ourselves how lucky we are to live in a country which protects the religious freedom of its citizens.


We also took this opportunity to create our own ” Chanukah jeopardy” game to help us review facts about Chanukah, and many students came up with very creative questions!! Additionally, we sang Hallel during much of Chanukah and learned a few more lines of this special prayer service!!


Soon we will continue in our Torah story of Avraham and Sarah, and finally get to meet the much-anticipated baby Yitzhak! We will also begin an integration project with General Studies where we learn about the various landforms in Israel and plan a trip to visit as many as possible. I can’t wait for the rest of the year with these terrific third graders!!!