December Blog - 6th Jewish Studies

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Sixth grade is having so much fun in Jewish studies lately, and many students are just as engaged with JCAT (Jewish Court of All Time) as they were on the first day of the project. Unfortunately, JCAT is coming to a close, with the verdict having been reached (in favor of religious freedom in France). We have had some really interesting questions during class and online, and I am so grateful that our students had this amazing experience. This week, students will be writing their final summaries and conclusion to the project where they will review the evidence and testimonies given, and take a position on the trial’s outcome. They will have class time this week to work on it, but I know several other big projects are due this week so the due date will be after Winter Break.


Moving forward, we will begin our studies of Shemot (Exodus), primarily looking at Moses as a leader. We have been learning our way around the Tanakh by having “navigation races” to practice finding chapters and verses, and learning to classify books as either Torah, Prophets, or Writings. I can’t wait to dive into Torah learning with Sixth grade!!