December News in 1A

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December has been a pretty busy month.

We made it  through portfolio day and everyone did an amazing job presenting their portfolios.  I was/am very proud of my class for all their hard work and am sure their parents are too.  It was great listening to them explain and read what they’ve learned in both English and Hebrew!

To learn our spelling words this month we made games for everyone in the class to play.

We began our cultural studies and began in the country of Mexico.  We learned all about the country, foods, land, people and symbols.  Together with the other first grade class we made clay pots and painted them in colors that reminded us of Mexico.  Our class made books about Mexico and included notes that we took after hearing and watching about the country.   We saw a slide show presentation and heard from Mrs. Levy about growing up in Mexico.  She facilitated both classes in the production of guacamole. Yum!!!



We were treated to an assembly where we saw and learned about snakes!!!!!

Waiting for the snakes.


Our class enjoyed a Chanukkah themed week as Tuesday night was the first night of Chanukkah.  We read many books, played games, solved Chanukkah math problems and enjoyed Chanukkah music.  We welcomed our VIPs on Tuesday as they joined us in technology, Hebrew and General Studies, followed by an assembly where the first grade led the Pledge of Allegiance and the Hatikvah.

Thursday was the AJA Chanukkah celebration where we all enjoyed the many different activities that were planned and sampled a potato latke and a sufganiyot.

We are looking forward to a nice winter break and a brand new  year.  Happy Chanukah and Happy 2015!  See you in January!!!!!