Dispatch from 1B

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We’re moving, grooving, growing, and learning in first grade!  In Math, we’ve been practicing with telling time to the half hour and working with coins to trade equivalent values.  Last week, we began using number lines to skip count and solve addition and subtraction problems.  We took it outside to make a life sized timeline and then took turns solving equations as a team.  (Note: you can see our healing plant collection that we’re taking care of for our buddy project in the background)

photo 3In ELAR, we’re getting the hang of doubling s, l, and f and working with the -all sound.  We also began working in groups to decide on our main character, helper characters, and settings for the story books we’ll be writing.  After that, we moved on to decide the main problem and solution that will guide our stories.  Next week we’ll be making 3D characters for our stories and writing our rough drafts.photo 2photo 1In Science we are exploring the world of matter (it’s everywhere!) and we got together with the 1A class in the Becker Science Lab to do an experiment with an interesting substance called gluep to determine if it was a solid or a liquid.  We also used our senses to try to determine what was inside a mystery box and practiced using the scientific method to guide us.

In Asayfat Boker last week, 8th graders and Mrs. Bryan, our Counselor, talked with us about the No Place for Hate program and we all signed on to show our support.

photo 1

It seems like a long time ago now, but here’s a picture from our pajama/stuffed buddy day while we enjoyed a book from the Capstone Library collection with one of our classmates helping to ‘turn the pages’:

photo 5

We’ll be back soon with another dispatch from our first grade adventures.  Thanks for all you do to help us have a fun-filled and successful year!