Executive Functioning, Crista Ward

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Our first two Executive Functioning classes this year have been used to go over some pertinent Student Handbook information dealing with grading and trimester exams, acclimating to our new binders as well as learning about what our executive functions really are and paying attention to them throughout the day.  Those 11 executive functions are as follows: metacognition (thinking about your thinking), goal directed persistence, flexibility, sustained attention, response inhibition (controlling our own actions/words), working memory (the ability to remember detailed information for later use), planning and prioritization, time management, organization, task initiation and controlling emotions. We discussed each of these executive functions in detail, thought of examples in our own lives and the students rated individually whether each executive function was a strength or a challenge for them.  Throughout the year, we will be engaging in lessons and activities as well as explore tools that will help the students gain more control in many of these areas. We reviewed binder expectations, but will be doing much more detailed binder work and organization as well as fine tuning planner use in the coming sessions.