Exploring Israel

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In sixth grade humanities, we are bridging between the events of the European Enlightenment and the place of Jews in the early modern Western world with the emergence of a Jewish state. Our work has been consumed with shifting questions of Zionism, past and present, as well as with how Israelis live out the Zionist ideal even today.

We have read the stories of two boys, one Israeli and the other Palestinian, in Daniela Carmi’s book Samir & Yonatan. The students are currently working on revising critical essays about the book. We began our look at the rights of Jews in nineteenth century Europe and continued exploring the shifts maps of the borders of Israel since 1948.

Our students have delved into the parliamentary system of contemporary Israel, especially as it surrounded the election this week. Students have explored the various parties, relationships to notions of Zionism, and various other positions.

Finally, we are beginning a project that explores the ways in which Israel is taught throughout the city of Austin. We have focused on artifacts and the ways in which they are used to teach about Israel and Zionism. Check out the project and writing assignments below.


Writing Assignment