Fabulous February!

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Second trimester is coming to an end this week and Passover is just on the horizon. I guess the old adage, “Time flies when you’re having fun” is  true here at the science and innovation center!

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Middle school students love the hands on, real world challenges they encounter in community workshop. Presently, teams of students are tackling challenges like:

  • How can we design and build a vertical garden combined with an aquaponics system?
  • How can we build a solar heater to warm the greenhouse?
  • How can we critter proof the chicken coop?
  • How can we increase our profits in the egg business?
  • How can we increase our compost yield and help educate the community about food waste?
  • What is the ideal environment for bunnies and how can their waste be used in food production?
  • What are the best vegetables to grow in our greenhouse?
Jackson and Avi are building a shovel holder for the greenhouse.











Sammy started a compost service to educate others about food waste and increase our compost yield.
Eli and Edwin water the compost piles.















Karenna and Aria waterproof the greenhouse tables.
Agam learns to use the table saw to build a garden bed.
Ken loves power tools!





























Sixth grade math students just finished Unit 7: Percents! Next week we will move on to geometry!

Here the girls are collecting data about the speed of wind-up toys.











7th Grade Design and Modeling

Over the past month in design and modeling, students continued to  develop their spatial thinking skills and knowledge of the mathematics from the use of GeoGebra application to a solid modeling application, SketchUpPro.

They began with creating general models in SketchUp Pro and then practice creating models with precise measurements. Students were encouraged to explore and practice making changes to their shapes by adjusting dimensions or adding features.

Ava built this house in SketchupPro.







In our final challenge, the students will apply the knowledge and skills that they have acquired in the Design and Modeling unit, as they design and fabricate a therapeutic toy for children with cerebral palsy.









Automation and Robotics – 8th grade

Students are now familiar with the mechanisms involved in robotics and have begun the programming portion of the course and are learning natural language in ROBOTC!

This group built a mechanism that tracks the sun.
Ben and Liri work with their test bed.







Ally attaches the sensors.












In the coming weeks, AR students will apply what they learned about hardware and software to solve a problem. In the project, they will work in a team to create a solution to a mission, such as building an automated toll booth, an elevator, or a drag racer to name a few.

Physical Science 8th Grade

This month, the 8th grade students concluded their study of chemistry by looking at solutions, acids, bases, and types of chemical reactions.


This team is looking at the reactions of acids and bases.
























We have now moved to physics! Students are using ramps, cars, and photo-gates to learn about speed, velocity and acceleration!