Fabulous Fifth Graders-First Week Highlights

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Hola a todos, Hello to all,

Well, looking back on our fantastic first week, I am happy to say that we have begun the year with a blaze! The students have been excited and engaged in the lessons, and it has been a pleasure getting to know the familiar faces from an academic and personal perspective:)

In math, we were working on factors, and the kids created Venn Diagrams where they were able to combine their knowledge of Factors and Fact Families in a creative way. We played various games using our factor and divisibility rules and will continue next week reviewing and extending our knowledge of factors as prime and composite numbers.

The kids seem to love our first class novel, THE MAGICIANS ELEPHANT and  have already had fantastic discussions about the contents of the book.  By talking with the students about ways to thoughtfully connect to the text, students created text connections and shared them with their classmates. The kids also brought magic tricks to share, complimenting an integral element of the book! Next week we will introduce literature circles and review Main Idea.

We began an exciting writing project by reading SILENT MUSIC, whose elements of peace and war are brought to life through the beautiful words of a boy who loves to write.  As the main character uses writing to deal with the craziness around him, we discussed the power of beliefs and experiences within writing. The students are currently working on their first collaborative writing piece which will be up for your viewing pleasure by the end of next week!

Criminals and mystery lovers beware!!! The fifth grade scholars dove into science this week doing various Forensic experiments and readings of Forensic mysteries. We did labs revolving around concepts of candy  and ‘bank robbery’ chromatography as well as a simulated Blood Splatter Lab. Key concepts of these units revolved around reviewing parts of the scientific method and making claims and evidence with the information presented to them. They searched for  claims and evidence in their homework mysteries and will graph their Blood Splatter Lab Data on Tuesday! 

We celebrated the end of an amazing first week tye dyeing our class bandanas which we will wear for Tye-Dye Tuesdays! Such fun!

Thank you all for a fabulous first week…..I look forward to all the academic adventures to come!

Peace and Love in Learning, Paz y Amor al aprendizaje!

Karen Hidalgo