Fabulous Fourth Grade 9-20-12

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We were finally fifteen strong this week with the return of Dekel and Roy…but not for long! The news of Idan’s appendicitis had everyone concerned. We are so glad that he is doing well and will return to our class as soon as he is able. GET WELL SOON IDAN! WE MISS YOU!

SCIENCE Cell-ebration!

The fourth grade cell projects were a big hit this week, as the kids proudly presented their creative models to the class.



We continue our study of the human body by looking at the skeletal and muscular systems. The children construct their understanding in multiple ways: extracting information from articles, watching short films, and investigative work.  Exploring the comparative skeletal anatomy of vertebrates, we focused on adaptations. Our owl pellet dissections led to the understanding that our skeletal system is very similar to that of a shrew or small rodent.

Isaac finds a femur bone in his pellet.
Dekel and Madison pick apart the pellet, looking for the small bones.
Kate is not convinced that this is sanitary!

In an effort to understand how the muscles in our body contract and move our bones, the kids built model of arms, attaching rubber bands to mimic the biceps and triceps.

Nir and Isaac drill holes for their "tendons."
We did it!


The cow femur bone helped the students see how the bone has different layers. Some were surprised at how soft the marrow is.

Bones contain living cells fed by the circulatory system!


We have moved on to Unit Two: Using Numbers and Organizing Data. In this unit, the children will look at place value, read large numbers, organize and display data, and find landmark data. The knowledge acquired will help us analyze and represent the data in our science fair projects (beginning soon).

Students continue to build an understanding of geometric shapes in their environment as the create Prezis from their Geometric Scavenger Hunt. Pictured below is one of the Geome-trees “grown” by the students to learn the vocabulary.

Reading and Writing

Reading is thinking! Our first novel, Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing, provided the children with an easy re-introduction into reading with a purpose. The children engaged in daily discussions, dramatics, and written responses to demonstrate their understanding of the text. Pictured below, the students are asked to create a unique concoction of Juicy-O (a product advertised by a character in the book) and then create an advertising campaign using one of four persuasive techniques.

Students work together mixing juices and recording ratios to create the best concoction!

Our next novel, The Kid Who Ran for President, will supplement a mini-unit about the upcoming presidential election.

**Now that we have greased our wheels a bit, the expectations in fourth grade will increase.  By this point in our year, we really expect that the kids are writing complete sentences. In our grammar lessons, we have covered capital letters and sentence punctuation. The students will be held accountable for the proper end punctuation and capital letters in all sentences.

*Please help your child be successful by checking his/her planner each day and signing it after they have completed the homework.

Shana Tova to all of you!