February in First Grade

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Howdy!  Can you believe 100 days of school have passed?  Here’s what’s happening in first grade:

Social Studies:  We learned about diversity as a strength while celebrating Multicultural Week with the entire AJA community and celebrated Tu BiShvat with our 5th grade buddies and Mr. Hazan.  Now, we’re learning all about China and celebrating the Chinese New Year!

Science:  Springtime is just around the corner and we’re studying plants, pollination, and their life cycles including sprouting our own seeds and watching them grow!  We’ll be visiting the Natural Gardener  to see lots of plants and pollinators and enjoy a tour from one of their resident plant experts.

Math:  We just wrapped up Unit 6 in Everyday Math and will be doing middle-of-year assessments this week before moving on to Unit 7 next week.  Students are gaining confidence and growing their math reasoning each day.

ELAR: We began Unit 10 in Fundations® this week and are learning about vowel teams (ai, ay, ee, ea, ey, oi, oy, oa, oe, ow, ou, oo, ue, ew, au, aw) as well as adding the -ed and -ing endings to more complex words.  We are reading in groups, partners, and individually and continuing to improve our reading fluency while practicing comprehension strategies.  Finally, we’re beginning to write our own information-filled non-fiction as we work through our cultural studies in Social Studies and explain plant processes in science.

We have a fantastic first grade family and are so happy to have welcomed a new friend to our class!

Until next time, 再见 (zài jiàn) from 1st Grade!