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As the children finished earning the money they were saving for our Mitzvah project, they brought in their bills and coins. They observed, compared, and sorted the money before I took it to the bank to consolidate it for our field trip to Build a Bear. The children enjoyed choosing their animal, stuffing it, and then choosing an outfit that they thought another child might like. While in the Build a Bear store, another customer was told by an employee that our children had earned the money to purchase a stuffed animal to give away to EMS for a child who might have to ride in an ambulance, and that customer purchased an extra bear to donate along with our KG students. Kindness all around!

Following our field trip, a paramedic and an EMT came to our classroom to talk to the children about their jobs and to accept their donations for hurt or frightened children. They took us out to the ambulance for a little tour of their “office.” They checked out the supplies, the tools, the computer, and the stretcher. As the ambulance drove away, there was Not a single tear shed or a complaint uttered about having to give away their bears. Amazing children! A big thank you to the parents who arranged the field trip, drove on the field trip, and to Morah Yonit who helped the children paint their banks to collect the money, and more importantly, taught them about the meaning of “chesed.”


It’s a bird, it’s a plane, no it is Zero the Hero flying past our classroom window! On the 100th day of school, Zero (who had been leaving zero shaped surprises every ten days of school) made his grand entrance and counted to 100 with the children. He asked them about their favorite thing that was in the shape of a zero, and then gave them a 100 day bag of surprises.

The children had been busy making their 100th day collections. They chose legos, cheerios, goldfish, buttons, pennies, rubber bands, puzzle pieces, toys, hearts stickers, and painted hearts on a pillow case. Anyone walking down the Kindergarten hall enjoyed observing the collections in our “collection museum.”

Also in preparation for the 100th day, we did multiple activities and read many stories. They made their own books about what they would want one hundred of, what they would not want one hundred of, what they could lift one hundred of, and what they could make one hundred of. They worked hard on their necklaces, stringing different colored beads in groups of five. They discovered they had to change the color of beads twenty times. Their hats with one hundred stickers, and their one hundred day glasses, made up the rest of their ensemble for the day. In Math we had done estimations using small and large objects. They made their predictions of whether the containers of different objects held one hundred items or not, and then we counted the objects in different skip counting ways. They were very surprised how small a container of 100 googly eyes is!


The children are working on a variety of things right now. In Science we are learning about forces and motion. In Math we are practicing our measuring, graphing, solid shapes, and number stories. In Language Arts we are doing a mini Dr. Seuss unit and publishing books called the “Important Book,” which is an extension activity after reading the Margaret Wise Brown book by that name.

For our March field trip, we will be going to Esoteric Farm to explore push an pull as it relates to horses. The exact date is to be determined.

It is hard to believe we are now in our last trimester of school!