Fifth Grade - Haggadah

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Fifth grade’s big Passover unit we have been working on is centered around the Haggadah. There are several sections within the Haggadah, each taking us through the experience of Passover and having us relive it so we can feel as if we were personally redeemed from Egypt. Each student was given a different section to study, and they are ultimately creating their own page/section of the Haggadah which will be functional – including the prayers and/or songs – and a creative interpretation! So far I’ve seen some memes, a baseball-themed Hallel, and some fun comics/drawings to help us understand the importance and significance behind each section! All of these sections will be compiled together into a 5th grade class Haggadah, and sent home for use at your family’s Seder!!

Additionally, we will get out into nature and learn about the idea of Passover as “Chag HaAviv” – the Spring Festival – and appreciate the beauty of the world all around us! DUring Tefillah, we have been practicing Hallel – part of which is sung at the Seder – so make sure you ask your students to help you sing some fun tunes as a celebration of all that G-d has done for the Jewish people!