Fifth grade Hebrew

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I am really excited to start the new with wonderful learning atmosphere and great students.

This year’s innovation is in introducing the daily five system that provides the students an opportunity to progress according to their level independently while at the same time benefit of the teachers’ support and guidance. The daily five system emphasizes the four learning skills required for learning a new language. The four are: reading, writing, listening, and speaking. The students work in different groups and focusing on different skills and rotating each day. The main benefits of the daily five system is that it gives the students their freedom, allow them to reach their level, and to be successful students

Since the beginning of the year we mainly focused on to read a story in a new language. First by looking at the picture and trying to decipher what the story is about. Second, by listening to the audio. Third, by reading to yourself or with a partner.  Lastly, the students sit with me and we go through what they learned. The goal of this is to improve their reading skills, accuracy, fluency, and comprehension.

We are going to use this year different websites and technological learning aids. We will use Recap, that help the students record themselves and improve their speaking skills. We will also use Doualingo, a Hebrew learning application that includes games and a wide vocabulary. We will use different Israeli website that have audio books so the students will be able to diversify their readings and improve their listening skills.

We just started the year, but I already saw a great improvement and the students are making a fabulous effort in class. כל הכבוד

Take care

Hamora Rachel