Fifth Grade J.S. Blog - November

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Guilty or innocent, that is the question! Well, if you’re in Fifth grade Jewish studies, that is. Fifth graders are trying to determine if Joseph’s brothers are guilty of putting Joseph in a pit and selling him to Midianite traders. You may think this is straightforward, but as your students can tell you, it’s actually a very complicated question! Right now, the trial is scheduled to be Monday and Tuesday of next week – I can’t wait to see what they ask the witnesses and what they took from Rashi to use as evidence… stay posted for the results!!!


Additionally, Fifth grade has finished the intensive study of Ashrei, and can complete it from beginning to end as a class. We will still practice this prayer as some students are more comfortable with it than others, but I am so proud of all the learning they have done! Next up is practicing the Amidah and learning how to lead it, as well as what the prayer means!