Fifth Grade Judaics Update

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Fifth Grade just finished a very exciting project – a mock trial accusing Yosef’s (Joseph’s) brothers of harming Yosef. Students worked hard preparing witness testimonies and preparing questions to ask the witnesses. The guest judge, the infamous Prof Risa, listened intently to the deliberations and declared that Yaakov is a terrible father and the brothers have a sick sense of humor – but are ultimately NOT GUILTY of harming their brother Yosef and selling him into slavery. It was an exciting day in Judaics class, and a huge thank you to Prof Risa for her time and decision-making skills.


Fifth grade has also thoroughly impressed me with their skills of learning Rashi; Rashi is an 11th century Torah commentator who sought out holes in Torah text and asked questions about them – and answered the questions. His commentary is widely used by Jews around the world, and our AJA students are becoming astute Rashi scholars. I’m proud and impressed with how well they’ve taken to his commentaries, and I look forward to learning a lot more Torah with Rashi’s help!


Coming up, I am excited to integrate many aspects of General Studies in Judaics, including Jewish mysteries, and more about sustainable food practices as we get into the story of Miketz and the Egyptian famine (this leads to Yosef’s ascent in power and reunion with his brothers). I’m looking forward to the rest of the year with 5th grade!!!


Looking ahead even further, to next year, the 6th graders have recently concluded their “JCAT” program (Jewish Court of All Time – an online “trial” where students are characters throughout history and interact with other students across the country) and have shared reflections about everything that they learned. This program is so unique and special, and it is amazing that the AJA Middle School has this opportunity to participate. Just wanted to share a little bit about what your student would have to look forward to in Judaics next year at AJA!

Happy Hanukkah to Fifth Grade families!!!