Fifth Grade Judaics Update

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Fifth Grade is off to a great start in Judaics!! One of the highlights was definitely our review session of everything they have learned in the Torah so far – we broke out into groups and performed skits of the different stories. Everyone got really into it, and made sure to remember important details about each story. It was a fun and entertaining way to refresh our memories. This year, we will be reading the story of Yosef – I’m so excited to get started!!



We are so lucky in Fifth Grade to have the fabulous “Prof” Risa Ferdman teaching us Torah trope on Wednesdays!! They have already learned about the purpose and history of Trope, and even learned what one of the main symbols looks and sounds like. They sound great, and I know they will sound fabulous for the Tikun ceremony in November!!! They are also joining the Middle School for tefillah on Thursdays, so we’re going to continue practicing and learning new tefillot.


Starting this week, we will begin to look at the liturgy of the High Holidays, and compare the Machzor (prayer book especially for Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur) to weekday and Shabbat prayers. We will also think about the imagery that the Machzor presents, and the purpose of some of the prayers. I hope this will help us all appreciate the High Holidays services a little bit more!!