Final weeks

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It is hard to believe that we are in the last few weeks of Kindergarten. It has been a wonderful year full of great progress and fond memories.

As we finished up our study of birds the children chose one particular bird to study and then decided how they wanted to present their learning to their parents at our Portfolio Day.



As we discovered that birds can be many different sizes, we watched a fascinating video about the Wandering Albatross. It lives in the southern hemisphere (we had to look at a globe to figure out what that means) and it can have a wingspan of up to 12 feet. We estimated how many children’s “wingspans” it would take to be as large as the albatross, which has the largest wingspan of any bird. Some estimated it would take 2, some 3, and some more than 3!

One of the children’s’ favorite things to do during exploration of late is to figure out how to  make a bird’s nest! They are quite the little gatherers.

The children stay busy keeping up with the bird feeders. We have to make our sugar water for the hummingbirds, peanut butter mixture for the log feeder and keep birdseed in the squirrel buster feeder.


As our class has become bird watchers, it has been very frustrating to watch the squirrels that keep eating the food out of the log bird feeder. So I gave them the challenge to come up with some ways that might fool the squirrels. They had some very creative ideas, including playing scary music, making the wall slippery, installing a video camera, putting string all around the feeder, and moving the feeder away from the wall. After several attempts at using their ideas, the one that actually worked was moving the feeder away from the wall so the squirrels couldn’t jump from the wall to the feeder! Great thinking Kindergarten students!

We have been learning about the “equal” sign in math and so we used the pan balance to compare the weight of a container of play dough to a certain number of items. They experimented with different items to see how many it would take to have the equal weight of the play dough.


Of course we have to make regular visits to the chicken coop to check on our flock! They discovered that they like to peck on moss balls!


We had some very excited KG students on Monday morning when they discovered “Mallow” the middle school bunny in the classroom. We have been the bunny sitters while the middle school classes have been on trips. They designed and tested out a “house” for him. He stayed in the house for about ten seconds, so they decided next time they need to build higher walls. Who knew that bunnies can jump over walls?!

Now we are working hard to be ready for our Author’s Tea and end of year celebration. The most recent work in Writer’s Workshop has been to read a lot of poems, then pick an ordinary object from the room and compose a poem. We have some very impressive work to publish!

As the school year sadly comes to a close, we hope you have plans to attend our celebration on Wednesday, May 30 from 1:30-2:30 PM in the Multi-purpose room upstairs. The children will be telling jokes, singing songs, showing their published books, and of course having refreshments!

Thank you all for making this such a great year. Your support has been invaluable. I will miss these beautiful children!