Notes from first grade 1B (Ms. Faris' class)

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We’re learning so much each day in first grade.  The pictures in this week’s post are of our class constructing timelines after studying about the scientist Marie Curie’s life.  We also made an outline in four parts of Benjamin Franklin’s life (ask your child, you might be surprised what you can learn from her/him!).   In Math, we continued our study of the tens and ones places, practiced >,<,=, and are now knee-deep in learning about the hundred chart and studying numbers and skip counting 1-100.  In Science, we talked about the importance of safety and signed our science safety contracts outlining the rules.  We are also learning about weather and the seasons: observing the current conditions, learning about weather tools, and sharing stories about our experiences with weather.  This week in phonics, we’re studying  consonant digraphs (two letters that make one sound: th, ch, wh, sh, ck) and adding new words to our spelling lists.  We’re growing as writers each day and our journal entries give us time to practice both writing and sharing with the class.  Students are gaining proficiency with our classroom and school procedures and it’s been mostly smooth sailing on our first grade ship.  Just a reminder to keep reading with your child and noting the books on the reading log and to help them sign-on and work in Raz Kids a couple of times each week.

Wishing you and yours a wonderful holiday weekend,

Ms. Faris’ 1st grade class