First Grade Highlights...

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With only a week remaining until the Passover break, first grade is in the full swing of Springtime!

In Science, we’ve been studying conservation and sustainability in preparation for Earth Day.  This ties into our plant studies and we’ve transplanted our bean plants and given them fresh worm castings from our worm composting bin.  With the help of some middle schoolers, we planted a class fruit tree outside the Science and Innovation Center.  We’ll be filming our Earth Day PSAs next week and will be excited to share them with you all soon.

In English/Language Arts, our recent literature studies have helped us make connections with stories about the effects of environmental damage, loss of habitats, and deforestation.  We are gaining a greater appreciation for the Earth’s natural resources.  In writing, we’ve learned how to construct a basic paragraph and have practiced by writing persuasive and how-to paragraphs.  We’ve reached the end of Unit 12 in Fundations® and have gained confidence in both writing and reading compound words.  Next up, we’ll add the -es ending to our bag of phonics tools and begin the last two units designed to help students put all the pieces from throughout the year together.

In Social Studies, we are excitedly preparing to share our individual country projects with one another next week. Mrs. Brown’s daughter, Emily, visited our class and shared an amazing slide show and some treasures from her summer in China to wrap up our group country studies.  Since then, we have been learning about the differences between wants and needs and distinguishing between goods and services and producers and consumers.  This unit also ties into our conservation studies as we’ve all reflected on how much we use and what is truly required to live vs. how much we sometimes want.  First graders are quite insightful and we’ve had many lively discussions about these topics.

Finally, we’ve wrapped up the penultimate unit for first grade in Everyday Math.  The final unit will include adding and subtracting with coins, 2-digit addition and subtraction strategies, measurement practice, more 3D shapes, and a review of many of the concepts we’ve covered all year.

School-wide, we’ve celebrated Purim and ‘Mix it Up’ Week and we’ve also spent some quality time with our 5th grade buddies on a nature walk.  We’re looking forward to a restful break and then a fantastic finish to our first grade year!