First Grade Jewish Studies

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The past month has been an especially busy time in our class.  We did a sukkah walk visiting not only the AJA sukkah but several others on campus.  We made Sukkot window decorations of the four species that are included in the lulav/etrog.  Our paper activity included matching Sukkot symbols with their words as our Jewish Studies vocabulary improves.   In studying Simchat Torah we visited the CAA Chapel and gift shop to see the Torah after it had been rewound and a variety of yads used in respect to the sanctity of the Torah.  We followed that up by making our own cardstock yad.  For Parshat Noah, we labelled  the animals on our hall bulletin board in English and Hebrew (transliterated).  Our stories included Engineer Ari and the Sukkah Express, The Sukkah That I Built, G-d and Creation, as well as Noah and the Ziz.  We continue to practice with our Siddur on a weekly basis.