First Grade Pessach Prep

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So little time! So much to learn! These kids are working as hard as the Jews in Egypt and learning as fast as the Jews left! Really…But don’t worry! We are loving Every moment!

After learning the whole Passover story, through the Exodus, Red sea, the manna and the journey that led the Jewish people to Sinai. We embarked on our own journey to learn everything we can about the holiday that celebrates this glorious history which we have learned.

Along the way, we learned about the Purim Story and traditions and also managed to give time to ponder the lessons of the parsha; such as the great breathe of Torah and the implications and un-helpfulness of (and alternatives to) complaining, as the Jews often did in the dessert.

We learned the 10 commandments and acted out the splitting of the sea with some fancy effects. We even learned about the Mitzvot observed only in the land of Israel and the Mishkan, the Tabernacle that The Jews built. We spoke about the effects of taking something material and using it for a meaningful purpose, such as using it in the Mishkan or using it to do a chessed.

And so here we are a week before Passover!

The kids learned about Chametz (leavened products) and Matzah and recognize which food items would classify as Chametz, or not Chametz. We learned that Passover is also called Chag HaAVIV-the holiday of spring, and explored the idea of new beginings. For NAture, for the JEwish people leaving Egypt and for ourselves.

We are learning about the parts of the Seder and their purpose-all 15! and becoming familiar with the order of the seder song, in Hebrew.

We have learned the meaning of the 4 questions and are practicing to be able to recite it at home! After all, we learned that the job of the kids at the pessach Seder is to ask Questions! Asking Questions allows us to learn so much!

**The tradition of having the kids recite the “mah nishtanah” was to encourage the kids to ask as the haggadah says “es patach lo”-“grant an opening for him (to ask).”

We will take a look at the Seder plate and Elijahs cup in the remaining days this week!

Wishing you all a chag Kasher Vesameach.

Morah Yonit