First Grade's Winter Rocks!

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Winter Break is almost here! We’ve enjoyed a school-wide Chanukah celebration, Portfolio Day, and VIP Day since our last post. Along with those special events, here is what we’ve been working on in class:

Science – We’re studying FORCE & MOTION and Mr. Ziegler is helping our class undertake some exciting hands-on explorations of the concepts we’ve been learning about.

English/Language Arts – We’re practicing alphabetizing words, building our sight word vocabulary, writing Haiku poems, and learning about cause and effect.

Social Studies – We’re wrapping up our Native American studies with the performance of our ‘Legend of the Bluebonnet’ play. First graders were exceptionally creative and responsible throughout the production, creating all of the settings and bringing all of the props from home – way to go! After the break we’ll be widening our focus to learn about different world cultures.

Math – We’re nearing the end of our fourth unit in Everyday Math which includes experimenting with different ways of measuring length, estimating, and learning doubles addition facts and using them to help us solve other addition problems.

Wishing you and yours a restful and happy Winter Break! See you in January!