Our First Two Weeks in Judaics

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Second grade is having lots of fun in Judaics!!! We have been practicing lots of routines for our classroom and getting to know our way around. We begin almost every class with Tefillah. Sometimes we only say a few prayers, sometimes we say as many as we know!! Lots of Second graders are eager to become a “Shaliach Tzibur” – a prayer leader, and always raise their hands to help lead. We are also learning new prayers – both the words, and the meaning. On Thursday, we took a closer look at Birkot HaShahar, which is one of the first prayers that we say. We know the opening blessing in Hebrew, and then read in English all of the things that we thank God for each day – being free, the world around us, having strength, and more. Each student chose his or her favorite verse and illustrated what it means to him/her.


In preparing for Rosh Hashanah, we listened to lots of different sounds, such as alarm clocks and drumrolls, and shared what emotions we felt when we heard those sounds. We then listened to the sound of the shofar, and discussed our emotions for that special sound that we hear every year. I look forward to continuing our discussion on what the shofar means, and how we can “listen” and “respond” to the blasts of the shofar.


Last but not least, we have been gearing up to learn the Torah story about Noah – this story will take us almost all the way through the year, so it’s important to have a solid foundation before we sail off into the world of a flood, ark, and TONS of animals!! We shared what we already know about Noah and began thinking of questions we have about his story. I can’t wait to delve into the text!! We will be reading most of it in English, but incorporating Hebrew terms (such as “mabool” – flood, “tayvah” – ark, “keshet” – rainbow) when we read and discuss.
I am so excited to have all year with your Super-star Second Graders!!