First Week News

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The new fourth grade students spent a good deal of their first week getting acquainted with the procedures and classroom routines. They thoroughly enjoyed the collaborative games and cooperative environment we are quickly establishing in room 235.

The students felt more confident with round two of the Amazing Egg Drop. They discovered that a parachute is the key!








The children were more than a little confused when, after asking them to come up with a team name for their ruach group, I told them to outline it with toothpaste. Huh? After a few minutes of decorating, I instructed the groups to use a toothpick and return all of the toothpaste to the tube. Impossible? Yes. The connections were established after reading the Baal Shem Tov inspired story Mr. Peabodies Apples. Our words are powerful! Once you say something negative about someone to others, retracting your words is as difficult as putting toothpaste back in a tube!










After reviewing the science lab safety rules mid-week, the students were more than excited to jump into our first unit: The Human Body. We begin with cells, introduced with an AMAZING video that came out of Harvard. If you have a minute, I highly recommend you check it out.

The students had a chance to look at their own epithelial cells (cheek cells scraped with a toothpick) under the microscope. Later this week, they will be given their first project: building a model animal cell.

Idan checks out his cells.













We love our new buddies! The fourth graders had a chance to meet their new kindergarten buddies on Friday. We look forward to all of the fun we will have together this year.

Madison bonds with her buddy.
Isaac has two buddies!

















I look forward to seeing all of you on Wednesday night for Back to School night. This is a not-to-be missed event, as I will share important information about your child’s fourth grade experience. Lehitra’ot!