Focused, Fun and Eventful October

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Happy Sunday everyone,

The 8th graders have been hard at work this October learning and reflecting on their work progress. This past week, we began our podcast project on the American Revolution, which is due this coming Tuesday. We will have a viewing party this Friday complete with popcorn if you are interested in seeing their work in real time! The podcast assessment directly supports many objectives from the Common Core, and also reflects learner thinking around the 1700’s in America.

This week we will formally begin our unit on the American Revolution, mainly focusing on content through the lenses of mastering the skills of note taking and creating summaries. Learners will use these skills moving forward into the unit. Book Trailers will also be completed this week, which is a fun way of knowing what learners are reading as well as getting other learners excited about books!

As always, its a joy and privilege to work with your children!