Fourth Grade - Chametz & Matzah

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Fourth grade’s learning theme for Pesach this year is “Chametz and Matzah.” We began our unit by learning all about matzah, and looking at all the different commandments in the Torah to eat Matzah to try to figure out why we eat it in the first place! We discovered that Matzah is referred to as both the bread of affliction and the bread of freedom, and the class was very divided on the issue of why we eat matzah. This led to a debate, and the students did lots of research and were passionate debaters! In the end, one student broke away and made an argument that it was both, and the judges agreed!

We also looked at Ha Lachma Anya – the part of the Haggadah which says “this is the bread of affliction” but it also invited hungry people to come and eat, with the promise of everyone being free people next year. Additionally, we are continuing our theme of Jewish customs around the world by looking at how different communities celebrate passover differently – for example, the Sephardic custom of using green onions to “beat” each other during Dayenu, or the delicious Moroccan festival of Mamouna which is held on the final night of Pesach in order to celebrate leavened bread again!