Fourth Grade Grateful September

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As the fourth graders moved closer to the new Jewish year throughout the month of September, they had so much fun learning and growing along the way!

We continued our novel study of Wonder. Students completed independent projects at home and presented these in class. These projects included students writing and performing a song or filming a music video to teach others about bullying and encouraging them to “choose kindness.” Other students researched Treachers-Collins disease and created a media presentation to answer questions about the causes, the treatment, the life expectancy, and the genetic make-up of the syndrome. Lastly, some students chose to find or create their own precept that can help make school a kind and safer place and presented these on a poster. Students also continue to write reflections about Wonder each week using our class rubric. We are really focusing on including text evidence in our writing. This is such a valuable skill to be able to go back to a book and quote or reference a page number in your writing.

Students also studied figurative language this month, including similes, metaphors, hyperbole, personification, idiom, allusion, alliteration and onomatopoeia. We watched a video in class while studying similes and metaphors about “Metaphor Man” and “Simile Girl” and let me tell you it was an absolute hit! I had all the kids asking me to play it on repeat – feel free to check it out here at this link. Just beware, it’s very catchy  – Students continued to work on their “The Best Part of Me” poems, adding each piece of figurative language as we learned it.

In science, students created and presented their own 3D animal cell projects. These were amazing! They also created dramatizations of the functions of a working cell in groups and performed these for one another. We also dove into the digestive system, skeletal and muscular systems and nervous system throughout September. We were so lucky to have Dr. Jessica Naiditch, Dr. Dani Cohen and Janai Bryan visit our classroom and share their expertise on the human body and also tools for calming the body. Our study of these systems also included many interesting lab activities. One of our highlights was dissecting a sheep brain! Lastly, we have been working on our human body board projects in class where students are creating an interactive model of a human body with each system layered one on top of another.

We also met our Pen Pals at our first Pen Pal Lunch and started writing letters back and forth. Additionally, students continued to write letters to their parents in their Friday Journal which they take home each Friday and bring back to school on Monday. This is a great opportunity for students to reflect on their learning, goals, challenges, etc. You are more than welcome to write a note back to students in their journals!

If you’re interested in seeing pictures of anything I described above, please check out our class Instagram. This account is set to private, so I have to approve anyone who would like to see the pictures. We would love to have you follow our class! Here is a link – You can also just search for ms.burkly to find my page on Instagram.


Meg Burkly