Fourth Grade Jewish Studies

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Fourth Grade has been off to a great start so far!! We have had our own Rosh HaShanah Seder in accordance with the Sephardi tradition, learned a little about where our families originated, and have gotten to know each other and our classroom routines in the process.

Soon, we will begin a Sukkot project on “Ushpizin” – guests – who visit our Sukkah. Each student will choose a guest to invite into our AJA Sukkah, and present their guest to the class. They will also be creating a (small) piece of art to decorate the AJA Sukkah! There will be plenty of class time to work on this project! We have also been practicing t’fillah (prayer) and enjoying some fun new tunes for the new year!

Looking ahead, we will also begin our exploration of Yakov and his family, especially the themes of trickery and foreshadowing. Fourth Grade is already having a fantastic year, and I am so excited to see what we will learn together in the future!!!