Fourth Grade Judaics Update

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Fourth grade is having a fantastic time in Judaics!! I hope our “Ashkenazi or Sephardi” homework assignment was fun for both children and parents to learn more about their family’s history. We were able to find everyone’s origins on a map, and discuss some special traditions that different families do for the holidays. I look forward to experiencing some of these traditions in class together, and hopefully your children can help start a new tradition at your holiday table.


We’ve also had fun reviewing the Torah stories that were learned in previous years – we “divided and conquered” and presented skits to the rest of the class to remind everyone what has happened so far in the Torah. This year, we will begin learning the story of Yitzhak and Rivka, and all of the drama that happens with their family. Many of the students told me they love food, so we will also be exploring the theme of hunger, and possibly incorporate food into a lesson!! I can’t wait to hear all of their ideas!!


I’m not sure I have ever seen a group of students so excited for Tefillah before – the 4th graders love to participate and lead prayers!! Their favorite seems to be ‘Mi Chamocha” so we took a closer look at it, asking questions and picking out our favorite parts. We also learned the history of the prayer – that it originated in the Torah, when the Israelites put their trust in God to get them across the sea and away from slavery in Egypt. We also began to learn the second paragraph of the Mi Chamocha – “Tzur Yisrael” – which leads into the Amidah. I can’t wait for all the students to master it!!