Fourth Grade News

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As fourth graders studied Texas plants, animals and history throughout November, the content came to life with visits to the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center and Treaty Oak. Additionally, a visit from a Wildlife Educator to teach us about coyote safety left fourth graders better prepared to run across a coyote in nature. As we continue our study of Texas, we will delve into a comparison project between Texas and Israel.

Additionally, as we wrapped up our study of the human body this month, fourth graders began to explore the rock cycle. Visits to McKinney Falls and Enchanted Rock allowed fourth graders to explore in nature what they had learned about igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic rocks in class.  Through our study of the layers of the Earth, students also made a round challah with different colored layers of dough that represented the layers of the Earth. In tandem with our baking project, fourth graders put together independent research projects on the various layers of the Earth and presented these to their classmates.

A big focus this month has been editing our writing. We’ve done independent editing, editing at home with a parent, peer editing and editing work as a class in a Writer’s Workshop forum. We are practicing reading our writing slowly out loud and in our head to check for grammar, punctuation and clarity. We’ve specifically been working on editing persuasive letters as well as descriptive poems. Once we completed our poems, fourth graders then made a project that included their poem, their family tree and pictures of their family.

For class read alouds, we enjoyed reading Shiloh and Fourth Grade Rats and are in the midst of reading Hoot. Reading these books in class allow us to practice reading independently to ourselves, reading aloud in a group and work on our listening and reading comprehension skills as we search for text to text and text to self-connections.

If you are interested in seeing pictures of anything I described above, please check out our class Instagram. This account is set to private, so I have to approve anyone who would like to see the pictures. We would love to have you follow our class! Here is a link You can also just search for ms.burkly to find my page on Instagram.


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