Full STEAM Ahead!

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With a week behind us and many ahead, I am filled a sense of excitement and anticipation! After meeting the new sixth grade students and getting reacquainted with the older ones, I am confident that our year will be both meaningful and productive.


Sixth Grade Science

This week and next, the students continue to focus on the question: What skills, attitudes and behaviors do scientists need to be successful? We will continue to explore topics like lab safety, observation, the scientific method and measurement in order to answer this question. Here students begin to explore the scientific method by measuring flow rate.

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The seventh grade students are learning how to make meaningful and careful observations of organisms. This week we started a series of experiments with brine shrimp during which we will focus on observation and the scientific method.

IMG_2697 IMG_2699








7th and 8th grade PLTW: Design and Modeling

In our first unit of Design and Modeling, students began to discover the design process as they completed an instant design challenge to create an ankle foot orthosis. This week and next, they will learn thumbnail, orthographic, isometric, and perspective sketching as methods for communicating design ideas effectively without the use of technology.

Pictured here are 8th grade students presenting their design solutions.

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6th Grade PLTW

Sixth grade students continue with their introduction to the design process. Tomorrow they will put their understanding to the test when given their first design challenge! Stay tuned….