Fun in February!!

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Ms. Frazee’s second grade class had a fantastically fun February! AJA second graders put on quite a show at their Presidents’ Play, participated in Random Acts of Kindness week by reading to preschoolers, and more! Read our summary of February below which includes what’s coming next in March!

Upcoming Events in March:

Spirit Week: March 2-6

Monday- Pajama Day

Tuesday- Mismatch Day

Wednesday- Superhero Day

Thursday- Costume Day

Friday- Tie Dye Day

Field Trip to Crowe’s Nest- March 31st

In reading, students studied the nonfiction genre by reading books about American history, presidents, and other topics that tied into our social studies unit. Second graders also read many books about animals to relate to our science topic of life cycles. Students learned to read for information by identifying facts. They practiced going back to a passage and rereading to find answers to questions. They used strategies such as highlighting or reading the question first. As a class, we discussed and reviewed facts vs. opinions. In the last week of February, the students began a new unit on literature circles. Literature circles are a student-led discussion in which students are assigned different roles in order to discuss a book. The summarizer summarizes the selection of reading. The discussion leader asks inferential questions and engages students in discussion. The real-life connector makes connections to the text and invites group members to make connections of their own. The word wizard finds unknown or interesting new vocabulary within the reading selection and defines them for the group. Second grade will be continuing literature circles in March and every child will have the opportunity to try each role.

In math second grade continued a unit from January on multiplication. Students learned the basic concept of multiplication, as well as became familiar with basic facts 0-10. In February, second grade focused on facts 6-9 with an emphasis on skip counting. Students sang songs and learned clever tricks to help them with skip counting by 3, 4, 6, 7, 8, and 9. The class also reviewed measurement and learned to measure to the nearest half inch and nearest half centimeter. Students had a fun time measuring various parts of themselves as well as various classroom objects. In the last week of February, the class started a unit on fractions. They learned that a fraction is defined as part of a whole. They identified fractions of a shaded shape or a set of objects. Currently, they are studying equivalent fractions. The class will continue fractions for the beginning of March.

In language arts students learned that homophones are words that sound the same, but have different meanings and spellings. The class made a homophone wall of common homophones along with clever ways to tell them apart along with illustrations. Check out the photo of this below! Students can refer to the wall whenever they need to and are expected to spell the words correctly, much like our sight word wall. Second graders also learned that pronouns take the place of nouns. Some common pronouns are: we, he, she, it, they, him, her, them, those. For creative writing, students learned about expository writing. In expository writing, the writer tells the audience how to do a certain task. Students are currently working on their first expository piece. We will continue this into early March, and then move into a fun unit on fairytales.


For social studies, second grade wrapped up their unit on presidents and patriotic symbols. The class did an excellent job at their play and I hope that everyone enjoyed it! After the play, we started a unit on life cycles. Currently, students are learning about metamorphosis with an emphasis on frogs and butterflies. They have learned that a life cycle is the stages that a living organism goes through in life from birth to adult and that metamorphosis is a complete change of body form. They have studied the life cycle of the frog and the butterfly and understand the changes that each undergoes. They have also chosen an animal that interests them and will be completing a project on that animal in March. Also in March, we will soon be receiving our pet butterflies so that we can watch them change and grow! This is a fun unit that will culminate with our field trip to Crowe’s Nest Farm on March 31st.

Second grade also participated in a school-wide celebration of Random Acts of Kindness Week. The class went to two preschool classes in the ECP and read to the younger children. This was a great way to apply their fluency and expression skills in a real-life situation! The preschool teachers were impressed with the second graders ability to keep the preschoolers engaged in the stories. Below you will see many photos of AJA second graders in action!

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