General Studies, Mrs. Rosenmann

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After hours of preparation, the fourth graders are ready to perform the fabulous Texas Revue! We look forward to seeing all of you in the Community Hall at 1:00 tomorrow for the show and a short reception afterwards.

Don’t forget, Tuesday is field trip day! We will leave school at 8:15 and travel to our State Capitol Visitor Center, the Capitol Building, and the State Cemetery.

It’s always nice to spend some time with our kindergarten buddies. Here we are sharing stories on Shabbat.



The atmosphere in Room 235 is “energetic” as the students embrace our study of electricity! Moving on from last week’s hair raising static electricity labs, this week we began to investigate current electricity. The children created complete circuits with batteries and light bulbs and then moved on to making circuit quiz cards. Next week we will build our own light bulbs, testing various filaments.


We are currently sharing our ninth class novel Comanche Song by Janice Shefelman. Told from the perspective of a young Comanche boy living in 1840 Texas, this novel is based on two historical encounters between the Comanches and Texans, The Council House Massacre and the Battle of Plum Creek. Although history is usually written from the Texan point of view, in this novel the reader finds out what it might have been like for a Comanche boy who was there.  We will focus primarily on the themes in the book: difficulty growing up, bravery, loyalty, and cultural identity.

After reading a self-selected novels in literature groups, the students created book trailers to advertise their books. Click on the links below to check them out.

Stay tuned for more awesome videos…



After serious work developing characters and narrowing plotlines, our fourth grade writers have begun drafting their fiction short stories. I am amazed at the creativity and depth of these young authors. These students understand that their stories are driven by the struggles and motivations of their characters. The stories that are emerging range from the plight of a homeless girl, to the challenges of friendship, fitting in, moving, handicaps, and death.


Now that our floor plans are complete, the students have begun learning Google SketchIt, an amazing architecture program that will allow the students to create their furnished dream homes in virtual 3D!

Well into Unit 9: Fractions, Decimals, and Percents, the students are learning to convert fractions to decimals and percents using division and multiplication.

Social Studies

Over the past three weeks, the fourth graders have been busy completing their Texas History projects. The variety of projects and range of difficulty truly demonstrates differentiation at its best. The final projects are due Monday.

***I am proud to report all students earned a grade of 90% or above on their Texas History exam. WAY TO GO FOURTH GRADERS!