A Glance Behind and a Peek Ahead

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Our first month of middle school has been colored with plenty smiles and novel experiences. As we move into the High Holidays, let’s take a look at some of the memories we made, as well as a glimpse into the future!


On the very first day of school, the MS students were tasked with constructing solar viewers to help all AJA students safely view the eclipse.






























Our trip to CYJ was nothing less than an educational adventure. Some of the highlights included a night hike, predator/prey simulations, and team building games.

























COMMUNITY WORKSHOP – 6th, 7th, and 8th grade

In this class, students apply the engineering design process to identify areas of need and interest regarding environmental education, upkeep, and innovation. Our first challenge is to design and build a cardboard chair from the mountains of discarded cardboard.












In the first month of Automation and Robotics, student have traced the history, development, and influence of automation and robotics and are now beginning to learn about mechanical systems.























In our first unit of chemistry, the students are challenged to act as Hollywood producers for a number of weeks. They have been asked to create movie scenes in which they produce special effects incorporating the chemistry they have learned. The key concepts introduced include: elements and compounds; states of matter; solutions, suspensions, and colloids; properties of matter; mass and volume; metals and nonmetals; polymers; identifying matter; and organic substances.



























In our first unit of the year, the students focused on whole numbers and patterns. This week we will take the unit exam and then jump into our second unit, Introduction to Algebra.








Students test their hurricane house designs.




In Passion Project, we value pursuing our passions, learning together and making an impact on our communities.
Throughout the process students are building their capabilities as confident, connected learners through their active involvement in rich authentic tasks. We are presently engaging in dynamic, collaborative brainstorming sessions, as we work together developing and planning our individual projects. Stay tuned….




The goal of our first unit in design and modeling is to introduce students to the design process and skills essential to design and modeling. In this unit, which extends into October, students will:

  • Participate in an instant design challenge to create an optimal solution to a given problem and apply what they learn to understand the importance of using the design process. Pictured below are the design solutions for creating a foot orthosis.

  • Learn thumbnail, perspective, isometric, and multi-view sketching as methods for communicating design ideas effectively without the use of technology.

  • Learn conversions between two measurement systems and apply measurement skills while dimensioning sketches.

  • Conduct a mechanical dissection in the lesson project to better understand how objects and parts interact, while using sketches to communicate and document their findings.