Going Buggy in Kindergarten!

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Our last unit of study for the year is Ladybugs.  To kick-start the children’s interest, we took a field trip to the Austin Nature and Science Center, for a presentation called 6 Legs, 8 Legs.  The presenters showed many different kinds of bugs and the kindergarten students touched a Madagascar Hissing Cockroach, which was about 3 inches long!  Using hand lenses, they each examined meal worms and observed their body parts.  Each child was given a bug net and the opportunity to catch bugs, put them in a jar and observe them.  Other areas of the Nature Center were interesting to the children, such as the large beehive.

Each child  was given a hat to decorate with bug themed stickers or drawings.  They are enjoying the ongoing backyard bug exploring.  The exciting arrival of ladybug larvae caused a stir.  We are now observing the ladybug life cycle, hoping to see the larvae change into a pupa, and then an adult ladybug emerging from the pupa.  We will be further exploring the ladybug life cycle in the upcoming weeks and doing experiments with our ladybug habitats.

We are getting ready for Portfolio Day presentations, reflecting on our work for the past few months.

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