What is going on in Executive Functioning?

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For those of you who attended our Middle School Back to School night, you received a description of the materials, topics, and ways of supporting your child in this course.  I also gave each of you a copy of an activity we did in class called “What are my learning strengths?” We just finished our unit on Multiple Intelligences, a philosophy based on research that has shown all human beings have at least eight different types of intelligence (linguistic and logical/mathematical being the primary ones measured in most intelligence tests.) We talked about our strengths as learners, based on the results of this worksheet, and how knowing our learning strengths can help us when choosing study strategies, taking tests, or completing assignments.

A tally of the whole class’ intelligences profile will be distributed to students for an extra credit project, should they choose to take it on.  They will be challenged to present this information in a different visual form of their choosing. Please encourage them to go for it!

We have also been discussing Brain Development and how executive functioning issues are brain-based.  Ask your children what age the brain is fully developed(average of 25 years).  Then think about this:

Have you ever been told that it is time for your children to grow up and become independent of their parents’ help in managing homework?   Now that you know (and so do your children) that your 6th grader’s brain is not fully developed until age 25, and does not think about time management like an adult, and is not a lazy person,  you will recognize their need for your support at home.  You will need to stay involved with your children’s executive function skills as they develop the neuron connections in their prefrontal cortex to independently manage time, materials, and goal setting.

Please let me know if you have questions about the course.  I will be putting up lessons and grades on Ren Web. I look forward to partnering with you and AJA staff in supporting our 6th graders.


All the best,

Nancy Wolf