Good times in 1st Grade!

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Hello!  We have entered such an exciting time of the school year for first grade!  We’re busy learning, growing, and having lots of fun while we’re at it…

We are becoming writers!! We are busy working on developing our story books.  We began by choosing a setting with our groups, then creating characters, and then started working out the problem and solution that will drive our narratives.  We wrote our rough drafts, had team meetings to edit, and are going to undertake our final drafts soon.

We have been having tons of fun making and using our sentence puppets to act out mini plays in class.  Our puppets help us to learn the 4 basic sentence types and to practice writing and reading expressively.

In Science, we have started our states of matter studies and besides learning how to act like the particles in solids, liquids, and gases we made our own models.  We’re doing some fun experiments in the next couple of weeks to see how adding or taking away energy leads to changes in the state of matter so stay tuned!

In Social Studies, we’ve used our study of some famous historical scientists like Marie Curie, Albert Einstein, and Benjamin Franklin to learn about timelines and construct our own.  We talked about what we might want to include on the timelines of our own lives, too!

In Math, we’re mid-way through Unit 2 and have enjoyed explorations with geo boards, base 10 and 100 blocks, and pattern blocks.  We’re also practicing using a number grid and using different strategies to solve addition and subtraction problems.

Finally, we’re always practicing reading in groups, by ourselves, with partners, and on RazKids.  Great job to all the first graders (and parents!) on completing their first book logs on time!!

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Until next time, so long from 1st grade!