Good work Kindergarten!

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In Language Arts the children enjoy the days when they can work at their own pace reinforcing literacy skills using their “choice sheet.” They can choose to do word work with sight words, writing, reading from their book boxes independently or with a buddy, using their Song and Poem Binders, or listening to stories.


We were working on story problems in math, but to record their answers they had to write numbers in shaving cream!

The children are learning about attribute blocks and they had to figure out how they wanted to sort their collections. The blocks can be thick, thin, large, small, different shapes, and different colors. They had to sort and then explain which attribute they were sorting by.

One tool that the children have at their disposal is something called the “Time Machine” which helps them take specific steps and verbalization to effectively and assertively solve their problems. Camila and Aviya modeled what that looks like.


After reading a book called Pond Walk, we took a field trip to the Austin Science and Nature Center to discover what might be in ponds in Austin. We were surprised to find out some of the things that live in and near ponds. In the classroom portion of the field trip the children were able to touch some of the animals. Some of them, however were amphibians and we cannot touch them because of their skin.


After the classroom portion the students moved onto the pond where they received nets to try to capture living creatures to put into tubs to examine before returning them to the pond.


In our study of water, the students were asked to engineer a foil boat that would hold as many teddy bear counters as possible. They predicted how many bears would fit in the boat without sinking. They recorded their findings and then were asked to go back and try to come up with a different plan to hold even more bears.

The results varied from holding three bears to over one hundred! They discovered things like if they tried to put two pieces of foil together the boat sank because they could not seal the edges, and that if the boat was big but the sides were not big enough the water came in easily.

Our next Science experiment came after reading a book called I Get Wet. It reinforced the science concept that water sticks together. Their challenge was to get as many drops of water onto one side of a penny as they could before the water could not stay together anymore. One child got more than twenty drops of water before it tumbled off the side.

It is almost Hanukkah and the children are working hard on their play. They painted costumes and have been practicing songs and their lines. We hope to see you there on Tuesday, December 19 at 9:00 AM in the MPR.

The children worked so hard to prepare for their Portfolio Presentations. They were so proud of their work and of their ability to stand up and discuss their work in Kindergarten. What a joy it was to see them shine for their families.These children are amazing!