Goodbye Flat Stanley

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Beehive 1-28-15

What is flat? What is not flat? Stanley certainly was flat in the story written by Jeff Brown. The children have been saying goodbye to the Flat Stanley’s that they created. After writing their letters to explain what the host family should do with their little friend, they deposited everything into a large envelope to send away in the mail to all parts of the United States, Israel and even England. After seeing the Flat Stanley play at the Paramount Theater, the children were even more enthralled with the story. In class, we compared and contrasted the play and the book and created a Venn diagram to represent their observations. In the weeks ahead as we conclude the Flat Stanley project, the children will be looking forward to reading the journal of their flat friend as he visited other states and other countries. As they start arriving back in Austin, be sure to make it down to the KG hallway to check out the map showing all the travel destinations of Flat Stanley.

We had a great time getting ready for the Science Expo. Because we are saving our pennies for our Tzedakah project, and some of those pennies looked pretty dull and dirty, we decided to test out different liquids to see which one might make them the shiniest. The children generated a list of liquids that they thought we could use to test out and they came up with some interesting ones, including “soup.” But we voted and narrowed it down to nine different things to try. They did not all agree of course when it came to a class hypothesis, but for our science board, we put down the one that most people thought would be the best cleaner. We discovered that hand sanitizer, lemon juice, and apple juice seemed to make the pennies the shiniest. Congratulations to Matthew and Noa who chose to do their own projects at home!

Here is some curriculum highlights and events coming up:


  • Using standard measurement tools
  • Using multiple attributes to identify, sort, and describe objects
  • Addition and subtraction stories
  • Develop awareness for equivalent names for numbers
  • Making exchanges
  • Reinforce and extend counting, estimation
  • Continue patterning and graphing
  • Hundredth day of school projects

Language Arts

  • Finding key words in stories and passages
  • Sequencing stories
  • Author Study- Dr. Seuss
  • Vowel sound reinforcement
  • Reinforce what good readers do
  • Punctuation
  • How to expand small moments in our writing
  • All about books
  • Me on the Map books
  • Comprehension ball game

Social Studies/Science

  • Track and record Flat Stanley travels
  • Study maps symbols
  • Create maps
  • States of matter experiences
  • Celebrate Groundhog Day/ light/shadows
  • Tree studies
  • President’s Day activities/ national symbols
  • Random Acts of Kindness activities
  • Mitzvah project


Some upcoming events:

  • I hope all the children have been busy earning and saving their Tzedakah money in their bear bank (at least $15.00) so we can take our trip to Build- A- Bear Workshop on February 18 leaving at 1:00 and returning about 3:00. Our plan for the following day is to have EMS services come to the campus and take our bear donation.
  • Our 100th day of school is coming up quickly- (on the 90th day, Zero the Hero, who usually hides the Zero bag with a circular shaped surprise in it somewhere in the room, tricked the students and left a note and a map to read and follow in order to find the zero bag- we had to use the map key to figure out parts of the map) Leading up to and on the 100th day the children will participate in a variety of math activities which will then culminate in our class celebration at the end of the day. You will be receiving directions in the Monday folders to help your child make a collection of 100 items for that day (Feb. 12)
  • We will be doing another mitzvah project for our Random Acts of Kindness week in February and we will be working with our third grade buddies to acknowledge our facilities and security personnel on campus
  • As we celebrate Tu B’Shevat (birthday of the trees) in Jewish Studies, we will extend our studies about trees in Science and Social Studies. Using our map skills we will find out where big forests are, we will learn how we can help the environment in terms of conservation, learn different types of trees, examine leaves and bark, and integrate art and literature.
  • This will be a great segue into Dr. Seuss week starting March 2, as we read and discuss the book The Lorax and continue on with an author study
  • Following our author study, we will move into our last big unit of study of “Down on the Farm.”
  • We will be taking a field trip to Rodeo Austin on March 24. That will be a long day leaving at 8:15 and returning after lunch- more details to follow in the next Beehive


IMG_0967                                        IMG_0965


new stanley                                       new flat


The students said goodbye to their Flat Stanley and slid him  into the the envelope and now they are ready to send!