Grade 5, Ms Slom

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We started by talking about what onomatopoeia are, then we spend some time looking at some comic books, and some artwork by Litchenstein. The students then took time to think and sketch out their onomatopoeia word and image of their choice. Once they decided on what wording and image they used colored construction paper, scissors and glue to create their images.

Tessellations –an Art/Math Art project. We looked at the artist Escher and discussed the concept of tessellations and how they work. To create the tessellation the students used a piece of card board cut to 4”X 4”. The then drew a line from the top corner to corner, next they drew a second line on the side from corner to corner. They then cut each piece out and slide the piece across the cardboard and taped it to the opposite side to create the tessellation. Now that they had their tessellation piece they were ready to trace it onto a 11×14” white paper. They started from the center of the piece of paper and traced all over to the edge of the paper. They will draw in a repeating pattern in each tessellation and then added color.