Great start in 2016

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What a great start to 2016!

As a start to the New Year, the students discussed traditions their families have for New Year’s celebrations and learned about resolutions. We thought about some things that we wanted to learn or change in 2016. You can check out the bulletin boards outside our class to see what your child will try to do this year.

The students have been working hard on our light inquiry. Our science fair project, as a Kindergarten team, was to investigate whether or not certain objects would melt in the sun. We observed these items (ice, crayons, soap, Legos, etc.) for an hour and a half on a sunny afternoon and took notes as scientists. We have also been preparing our board for the fair as a group and have made a border, titles, and compiled our data. We have also made charts to help our understanding of natural and artificial light as well as what produces light and what does not.

In Math we are focusing on sorting by multiple attributes, counting to 100, calendar skills, and graphing.

In English Language Arts we are beginning to tap-read words, furthering our sound spelling and sight word recognition, and writing stories with a beginning, middle and end. In Writer’s Workshop, the children have all “published” a book and are working hard to learn how to read the conventional spelling and making the illustrations. When they are ready, we will start our Author’s Chair events, where the parents of two or three children will come in the morning for the first ten minutes of school to hear their child read their first completed book. There is great excitement in the air about this occasion.

We will be going to Build-a- Bear Workshop February 8 at 1:00 P.M., with the $15 each student has earned from performing good deeds that has been deposited in their teddy bear mitzvah banks.

Coming up, we will be taking a week to learn about the moon as we talk about reflected light, and then we will move on to our unit on “How can we help the world?” We will be donating our bears from our mitzvah project to EMS services, studying about Martin Luther King Jr., learning about reducing, reusing, recycling, and integrating activities related to TuB’Shevat.


Harvesting our spinach and radishes!