Great things going on in KG

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In the month of October, we have accomplished great things in Kindergarten!

Here are some highlights.

Our trip to the Post Office to mail our Rosh Hashana cards to our families was a great success. Thanks to all the parents who helped chaperone, which made it much easier to notice all the sights and sounds in our community. The children paid for their stamps, were able to use the cancelling stamp, and then post their cards.


Buying the stamps and cancelling the stamp



Fun, first, field trip!


Thanks to our principal, Mrs. Brown, were able to attend Anderson High School to see the play Lilly’s Purple Plastic Purse. Mrs. Brown’s daughter Emily played the lead part. The children know how to be a great audience!


The children have worked hard in Writer’s Workshop and have been able to share their first book in Author’s Chair.


It is always fun when Zero the Hero leaves a surprise in the shape of a zero every ten days of school! This time he left balloons.


In our study of our senses, one activity was to try to build a tower with blocks without using our sense of sight!


As a STEAM activity in our study of our sense of hearing, the children were given the task of making two drums that had different sounds. They were given a wide variety of raw materials and set to work coming up with their plan. They evaluated what did, or did not work. They were great at figuring out what was not working, and then able to change directions.


img_4463  img_4459


Kindergarten was delighted that we were able to have our first activity with our eighth grade buddies. We played a “getting to know you” game and then a game with the whole group, called “Where the Wind Blows.”

img_4455 img_4456 img_4457img_4448 img_4452 img_4451 img_4450   img_4454img_4449

Getting ready for our culminating activity in our study of the senses included getting our classroom clean and ready for our Project Show and Sensory Fair.

img_4487  img_4486

The children enjoyed showing their projects and doing the stations involving their senses, which included Jelly Belly flavor guessing, a tasting table for sweet, salty, sour, and bitter foods, making paper cup “telephones,” mixing colors to make rainbow stew, stress balls, guessing what was in the “feely box”, scented play dough, and scent and sound guessing games.

img_4500  img_4501

img_4504img_4505img_4508 img_4513img_4512 img_4507

As we move into November, we will continue to write and publish books, read and discuss good books, use guided reading groups, practice sight words, enhance phonemic awareness, continue to learn and practice letter sounds, practice correct letter formation, practice number stories, explore greater than, less than, and equal to, practice number writing, combinations of ten, and begin our unit on Thanksgiving.

Some important dates to calendar:

November 7          Early Release 12:00 Parent- Teacher conference

November 18        Field trip to shop for our Thanksgiving Feast

November 22        Thanksgiving Feast for KG and Parents

November 23        School closed for Thanksgiving

December 2           Portfolio Day

December 15         Hanukkah play put on by the KG students

December 16         Last day before winter break