A Great Year in Second Grade!!

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I have really enjoyed watching your children learn and grow this school year.  It was wonderful to watch them progress both academically and socially. I will miss them all over the summer but I encourage everyone to stop by and say hello once school starts again in August!

Thanks again, for your help with our Second Grade Market fundraiser. We raised $460.37 for the Austin Humane Society! A representative came to our classroom to pick up the donation and the class made her a big check. See the pictures below.

2nd Grade Checkmarket7 market1 market2 market3 market4 market5 market6

Here is a little summary of what the second grade class did in the last month of school:


For the last few weeks, students in second grade have been practicing sustained silent reading for thirty minutes or more a day as part of a project/book report. Second graders were paired with another student and were allowed to choose from a variety of chapter books. Each child read with their partner (or sometimes on their own) the entire chapter book. After reading, he/she then created a quiz that contained both comprehension and inferential questions for their partner along with an answer key. When both partners were finished, they traded quizzes and took their partner’s quiz. They did an excellent job of creating questions that really made their partner think about the book! Keep reading over the summer and try to stretch it to thirty minutes per day!


In math, the class worked on adding dollar and cent amounts by finding both the solution and estimate answer. We reviewed rounding to the nearest ten and then learned how to round to the nearest ten cents. Also, students reviewed many important concepts learned throughout the year. These topics included, addition, subtraction, regrouping, fractions, money, time, multiplication, and division. It is very important for the students to be fluent in their basic addition and subtraction facts for third grade, therefore, we spent a lot of time reviewing those. We played fun games such as subtraction kickball. This is where students play kickball, but must answer subtraction facts in order to progress to the next base. It was a lot of fun and we enjoyed taking advantage of the nice weather when we could!

Language Arts

In language arts, the second grade learned all about pronouns. The class learned that a pronoun replaces a noun, such as she, he, they, and we. They searched for pronouns in books as well as in their own writing. They also learned about prefixes and suffixes. They learned that a prefix goes at the beginning of a root word and that a suffix goes at the end. Also, the class learned that a prefix or suffix can change the meaning of the root word. They went on prefix and suffix hunts after reading to find examples in books as well as in their own writing.


Currently, in creative writing, the class is writing a review of their second grade year. After coming up with some of our favorite highlights of the year, students chose a few of their favorites. They practiced their summarizing skills by picking out only the most important events and then practiced their elaboration skills by explaining each activity as well as telling why they liked it. It was very interesting to see which activities meant the most to them. I encourage you to have your child read this to you when it comes home at the end of the year.


Science was a blast as we learned all about simple machines.  They learned that a simple machine is a device that applies a force (push or pull) that can make tasks easier. They learned the basic simple machines: wheel and axle, pulley, screw, inclined plane, lever, and wedge. To study the lever, students made a catapult out of a spoon, popsicle sticks, and binder clips. Then, they used the lever to shoot objects through holes in game boards that they made themselves. In class, we made a pulley out of string and a ribbon spool. Students got to place their toys into the pulley and pull them up to the ceiling! We went out to the playground to discover real-life inclined planes all around us. Students found slides, rooftops, and more! They enjoyed watching their toy cars slide down. Our field trip to the Thinkery was awesome! There, we got to make a different model of a catapult using skewers and marshmallows. The kids had a blast! They also had a chance to enrich their scientific knowledge by visiting the sections of the Thinkery. They discovered exhibits such as electric currents, light, and inventions.

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Thank you, parents, for all of your support and kind words throughout the year. You have really made AJA feel like home and I am so proud to say that I teach at such an excellent school! Have a wonderful summer!