Happy Chanukah from AJA Second Grade!

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Winter Break: Dec. 17-Jan. 3- Classes resume Jan. 4

LBJ Field Trip- Feb. 1

Enjoy the break!!

The month of December was a fun time of discovery and learning for second grade! Read the summary below of what AJA second graders studied this month.


windv AJA second graders test out their new wind vanes on a windy day to determine the                                                                           direction the wind is blowing.

In reading, students learned how to make three different types of connections to the text. Students learned to make text-to-self connections in which they connected the story to their own lives. They made text-to-text connections in which they connected the story to another story they have read in the past. Additionally, students made text-to-world connections in which they connected the text to real-world situations. After reading a chapter book in class, students wrote summaries and gave one example for each connection type. Second graders are currently expanding their summary writing skills from writing a three sentence summary to writing a five sentence summary. The class continued to study cause and effect by making various graphic organizers in their reading response journals. All students also read a second book this month about severe weather and used this book to focus on various comprehension strategies. When reading nonfiction, students learned to preview questions, look for vocabulary in bold, read captions, and go back to reread. These strategies will be emphasized throughout the year.

One area of focus in math for the month of December was review two-digit subtraction problems with regrouping. Students learned to write, solve, and even explain two-digit regrouping problems. Students also wrote their own word problems that included two-digit subtraction. The class seemed to really enjoy the challenge of more complex math problems. Recently students have also reviewed and expanded on their knowledge of counting money. They learned to write money amounts in two ways, using the dollar sign and one using the cent sign. Second grade also did a short unit on measurement. Students learned to estimate measurements, as well as to measure using tools such as rulers and measuring tape. Students measured in inches, centimeters, feet, and meters. An emphasis was placed on learning to measure to the nearest ¼ of an inch. Students had a fun time taking measurements of each other’s limbs, as well as measuring how far their paper airplanes could fly!

measure1 measure2

Second grade continued their weather unit in science. They continued to chart the clouds and identify various cloud types. The class learned about storms; including tornadoes, hurricanes, blizzards, and thunderstorms. They discovered various weather tools such as anemometers, thermometers, rain gauges, wind vanes, weather balloons, etc. The class made rain gauges and collected data. They also made wind vanes to determine the direction that the wind is blowing. Students ended the unit with a fun Jeopardy game to review all their weather knowledge and then took a test. Our next unit will be about US History including patriotic symbols, patriotic songs, US Presidents, and more! This unit will begin after winter break. Below you will see photos of our “Tornado Tube,” experiment, as well as some photos from VIP day.

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