A Happy Chanukah in Second Grade!

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Happy Chanukah from Second Grade! We’ve had an exciting and BUSY end of the trimester! Second grade went on a great field trip to KVUE, had a fun VIP day, and a school-wide Chanukah celebration. Not to mention that they all dazzled their audience with their amazing presentations on Portfolio Day! It has been an action packed few weeks. Here is a recap along with some really cute pictures of the class.

Students were challenged in reading by completing an in-class book report on the chapter book of his/her choice. Students reviewed all the skills learned so far this year by summarizing, identifying the main idea, and naming character traits. Recently, the students have been working on identifying cause and effect within a story. As always, we work on fluency and comprehension on a daily basis! Thank you, parents, for the books that you purchased for our class at the book fair. When we return from winter break, we will start a partner book report project that I think the children will really enjoy.

In math, the class completed a unit on geometry. They learned to use a ruler properly in order to draw line segments. They also learned about parallel lines and lines of symmetry. 3D shapes such as cones, prisms, cylinders, pyramids, and spheres were also identified and discussed.  We used geometry nets to build many of these figures. Currently, students are enjoying forming their own surveys and creating bar graphs. We visited our buddies in fourth grade this week to ask them our survey questions and then created graphs. When we return from winter break we will start a unit on multiplication! Feel free to go on mangahigh or other websites to get a head start.

Second graders learned the art of persuasive writing in writing workshop. After reading persuasive material and writing a class letter as a group, students wrote a letter to me asking for something of their choice. They were so persuasive I ended up granting their requests! Students even got to enjoy a week of no homework! For our next writing assignment, students wrote a persuasive letter to parents. Again, they were quite persuasive as they read these on Portfolio day.

For language arts, students have been learning all about plural nouns. They learned that for most nouns you simply add s. For words ending in ch, sh, x, or ss, you add es. The class also learned to change the y to an i and add es. Students also identified irregular plurals such as children and mice. In class, we also reviewed parts of speech including nouns, adjectives, and verbs. We had a fun time playing action verb charades!

Science was especially exciting in the last few weeks. Students learned about weather tools and even created some of their own. In the photo below you will see the class testing out their wind vanes on a windy day. We also built anemometers, though since we built them we have not had many windy days. I will be sending these home for the children to use over the break. Second graders are able to identify the four forms of precipitation (rain, sleet, hail, snow) as well as the four main types of clouds (cirrus, stratus, cumulonimbus, cumulus). They even expanded upon their knowledge of clouds by completing a project of other cloud types in technology. The class and I really enjoyed going on cloud walks and charting the clouds. Second graders were also able to explain the water cycle quite nicely on Portfolio Day. Our field trip to KVUE was a blast! Students had a chance to learn about the green screen used during a weather forecast. They had a great time seeing themselves on the screen and hiding under a green blanket to become “invisible.” It was awesome for the kids to meet a real meteorologist and see hands on what his day to day job is like. Below you will find some pictures from our trip.

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Enjoy the break and have a Happy New Year! I will see everyone back at school on Tuesday, January 6th.