Happy Chanukah

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The children have enjoyed hearing tales these past two weeks- fairy tales, folk tales, and Hanukkah tales. We have been focusing on story characters, setting, and story line. We have listened to different versions of the same tale and compared the beginning, middle, and end to those versions. With the story of The Three Bears, we made a Venn diagram comparing and contrasting the characters and the story line. The children took turns retelling and acting out the story. We discussed what they would change if it was their version of the story.

After reading  the story of The Three Little Pigs, the children designed a model of what their house would look like to withstand the “Big, Bad, Blow Dryer!” Their job was to draw what they wanted their house to look like, list the materials they used, and then make a prediction of whether their house would stay standing when the blow dryer blew on it.


The “Big, Bad, Blow Dryer”

The children are working on their models.

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img_4934 img_4935 img_4936 img_4937 img_4939 img_4940 img_4941 img_4943

In science, we talked about Hanukkah candles and then did an experiment to see what would happen when we put a jar over the candle. Ask your child what happened and why.

The children were lucky enough to meet the person who is writing the new Torah scroll for the synagogue. She answered their many questions and they got to examine the unrolled Torah scroll.

img_4834 img_4835 img_4836


The children love to do activities with their eighth grade buddies. They used pipe cleaners to create things about themselves and then hooked them all together to show that there many different things that make up who we are, and that no two people are the same.

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Have a Happy Hanukkah and a lovely Winter Break. We will see you in 2017!