Happy Hanukkah

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Kindergarten successfully made it through our very first Portfolio Presentation! In preparation for that event, the children decided some of the pieces they wanted to present and then we discussed what they learned, liked, or what was difficult about the piece. The goal was to have this experience be as authentic as possible where the children reflected on what they learned and then used their own words to talk about or explain the work to their families. It was very impressive to see them do something that is sometimes even difficult for adults. Way to go Kindergarten!!

Our room has been “buzzing” with Hanukkah preparations; we learned some new Hanukkah math games, we made decorations for our classroom, we are busy making a gift and card for our families, and we were practicing our lines, and making costumes and scenery for our Hanukkah play. The children did a marvelous job presenting the play and were so excited to have such a big audience. Thank you for your attendance.

This was a good time to reinforce the idea of fluency in their reading; we discussed trying to speak or read in groups of words for meaning and for effect. Any time the children have the opportunity to present to an audience, it has the potential for building self-awareness and confidence.

In our unit on Fairy and Hanukkah Tales, we have focused on several different versions of The Three Bears and compared and contrasted the characters, the setting, and the plot. We created story webs and Venn diagrams to visually represent our observations. We also acted out the story with props, retold the story with stick puppets, and completed a sequencing activity. The story of the Hanukkah Guest was a perfect tie in to our fairy tale because it is the story of a bear coming into a house with a old woman instead of Goldilocks going into a bear’s house. Lots of great vocabulary in this unit! We also did a mini author study of Eric Kimmel, the famous Jewish author.

In our discussion of synonyms, the children came up with an impressive list of synonyms for big and little. On our way back from the playground one day, a child thought of another synonym for big that no one had thought of yet: massive. It is always delightful to see how the children are processing information and making connections throughout the day.

Coming up in the New Year:

  • Our new unit is “Me and Flat Stanley on the Map” (more info to follow)
  • Flat Stanley project
  • Flat Stanley play at the Paramount Theatre- Jan 20 ( we need more drivers)
  • Class Science Fair Project
  • Math areas of focus: continue addition and subtraction stories, calculators, attribute blocks, “What’s my Rule?” game, shapes and symmetry, number comparison skills, graphing, measuring, estimation, and probability activities
  • Begin Homework Readers (more info. to follow)
  • Earning and saving $15 for the Build-a- Bear Mitzvah project




Our Hanukkah play actors!!