Happy New Year in Kindergarten

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What was all the noise coming from the Kindergarten classroom? Happy New Year horns make quite a bit of racket, it turns out! As we returned from winter break, we celebrated the New Year by doing an activity called “Out with the old- 2017, In with the new-2018. The children determined what they wanted to do better or learn in 2108.

As part of our water study we have been reading books about snow. Our favorite is the Jan Brett’s classic The Mitten. It is a perfect book to reinforce sequencing, characters, plot, setting, and acting out stories. The children made their own “mitten” and retold the story as they put the characters inside.

As we talked about how some snow is wet and some is powdery and dry, we discussed which one would make better snowballs. They decided that the wet snow would stick together better. I brought out my “snowballs” and then they were able to toss them around the classroom.

As we continue to take care of the vermicomposting tub by adding moisture, newspaper strips, apple cores, or banana peelings, the part they like the most is playing with the worms. One day during exploration time these children decided they were going to create a “vacation home” for them.

One of the activities we did in math involved making rope shapes. I divided the children into three groups and they had to work cooperatively to make different shapes with the ropes. The trapezoid was particularly challenging. They told me they wanted to make a circle and I asked them how they were going to make a shape with no sides or vertices. Without any suggestions from me the groups got together and figured out that if they all stood in a circle and put the string behind their backs they could make a circle- great teamwork! (unfortunately I missed the photo op for that)


The middle school is doing a project called “Canstruction.” The group working with KG is collecting cans of corn for the Food Bank. I hope you will plan to contribute! They will be working to create a duck. In the meantime, the children have been counting the number of cans contributed so far and practicing their stacking skills.

With the help of three middle school students, we did a science experiment to find out what things dissolve in water. The students tested four substances- sugar, salt, oil, and sand. They made their prediction about whether it would dissolve in water or not, and then tested it by putting into a container of water and shaking it up. They were surprised by some of their results.


Coming up in the next two weeks, we will be finishing our published non-fiction books about water  and practicing for their Water Project Show, preparing their personal narratives for “Author’s Chair,” starting our gardens in the school greenhouse, earning money for the Build-a-Bear Tzedakah project,and building up to the exciting one hundredth day of school! Lots of things to look forward to!