Happy New Year

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Here we are in 2015! We have great plans and expectations in Kindergarten for the new year and the remaining portion of our second trimester.

Our theme for the next few weeks is “Me on the Map.” When we stand outside and look as far as we can, what do we see? Everywhere we go, what we see is a part of our world- streets, buildings, trees, hills, lakes, oceans, etc. If we could climb a big giant ladder or be astronauts in space and look down, what would we see? We will begin by reading a book called Me on The Map and discuss the concept of a map. The children will begin by drawing a map of their own bedroom. We will learn our addresses, and talk about streets, neighborhoods, cities, states, countries, and continents.

In Social Studies we will begin our Flat Stanley project. Fifty years ago the author Jeff Brown wrote a book about a boy named Stanley Lambchop. The idea for Stanley came to him one night at bedtime when his sons were not wanting to go to bed. One of them asked what would happen if  the bulletin board fell on top of him and Mr. Brown said he might be flat. That was the springboard for a book  about what a life being flat might be like. As our class is studying about maps, we will send out paper copies of “Stanley” to people who live in other places in the world. When they are sent back to us we will record where those places are in relation to where we live. We will make a graph comparing the distances that each Flat Stanley traveled. In writer’s workshop the children will learn to write a letter to send along with their Flat Stanley’s. In order for this to be effective, each child will need their parent’s help to find someone who would be willing to do this project. Please contact your child’s teacher with that name as soon as possible.

Our new section in math over the next few weeks will include the following skills and review: addition and subtraction symbol review, calculators, attribute blocks, what’s my rule game, patterning review, symmetry, shape review, counting, number recognition, number writing review, comparing numbers, number sequencing, continue graphing, measuring, estimation, and probability.

In science we will be completing our class science fair project, monitoring the weather and temperature, recording that information with graphs and continuing to observe the decomposition of the pumpkins we used for our Thanksgiving Feast.

On our first day back at school after winter break, we had our own little class New Year’s celebration. The children decorated hats, we watched fireworks displays in Iceland and Manila, and then we counted down and blew our noise makers and played with balloons. We talked about the phrase “out with the old and in with the new.” The children then thought about some things they wanted to change from 2014 and things they wanted to do better in 2015. Take a look in the hallway to see those results.

Here is a picture of the children in their New Year’s hats!