Hebrew 1st grade Hamorah Orit

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We are currently very busy enhancing our decoding skills. By now, the students already learned almost the entire vowel system and now it’s time to apply our knowledge. We play a variety of games in which the students listen to a word, and then compose it using individual letters and vowels. This task is not easy even for those who know the sound that each letter and vowel makes. This is so, because Hebrew is read right to left so when putting these letters together one might get the order switched around. In addition to strengthening our decoding skills we also embarked on a writing assignment. Some students are writing a piece describing themselves and some chose to write about their snowman. Picking up another language is sometimes easier and more natural when done in a less formal setting. Therefore, once in a while, we head outside to play fun games. In the pictures below, you can see us playing Sack Racing and also working on our decoding skills with letters and vowels on magnets. In honor of Purim, this week we will read a story (from our Nitzanim program) about the custom of Mishloah Manot (sending a basket of treats to one another). In this story, two children are on their way to deliver the Mishloah Manot to their grandmother. The basket is full of sweet Hamantachens and cakes. The smell is so yummy that it’s hard to resist the temptation to taste it. Will they make it to grandma with a full basket or not? Grandma will teach these two a lesson.

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